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Alumni Association
Any individual who has attended University of the Ozarks is considered an alumnus and is therefore a member of the alumni association. There are no membership dues for the association.

The Ozarks Alumni Association is incorporated exclusively for the following educational and charitable purposes:

1. to foster Christian higher education at University of the Ozarks;

2. to pursue and encourage a spiritual, intellectual, social and economic relationship among University alumni, faculty, students, friends and the community at large;

3. to support the furtherance of the University's mission;

4. to solicit and receive donations, gifts and funds to be used exclusively on behalf of the University for the furtherance of its mission and to encourage others to support the University; and

5. to promote awareness of University of the Ozarks worldwide and to recruit students.

The Alumni Association has a Board of Directors who meet three times a year. The Board of Directors meets once in the Fall, once in the spring and once with the entire Alumni Association during our annual Alumni Weekend. The Board of Directors is the decision-making body of the association. For more information, to volunteer or nominate someone for the Board of Directors - Please CLICK HERE.

Alumni Awards
The Alumni Association has four awards that they present every other year. One of these awards dates as far back as 1940! If you would like more information on the awards that are presented, or if you would like to nominate someone for an award - Please CLICK HERE!
Aerie Club
Ozarks' Aerie Club is made up of individuals and corporations who are proud supporters of Ozarks and of her athletic programs. This club is a supporting organization for the 21 men's and women's athletic teams. LEARN MORE.
Make a Gift to Ozarks

We could never express how grateful we are for the gifts we receive. Whether it is $1, $20, or more, every dollar counts. People like you have a huge impact on our great University.

We the Ozarks family thank you!

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